Uwo thesis requirements

In addition, congruent with CPA accreditation criteria, students must demonstrate competence in each of four different cognate domains.  The biological, social, and cognitive-affective cognates can each be met with either a program approved graduate half-course or two senior undergraduate psychology half-courses in the cognate domain (or a full year senior undergrad psychology course).  A given course can only be used for one cognate domain.  The individual differences cognate must be met at the graduate level by taking either a half-course in Child Psychopathology or Adult Psychopathology.  Also, successful completion of a graduate or undergraduate half-course on History and Systems of Psychology is a requirement of the Clinical Program.  Students who have not completed such a course prior to admission will be required to take either an undergraduate or graduate half-course during their graduate program to fulfill this History requirement. Throughout their time in the program, (until they start internship) students are also expected to attend all scheduled Clinical Workshops and Brownbags (as part of Psychology 9380 each year), which are meant to augment training in theory, research, and clinical practice.

Applications to the MPT program are coordinated by Ontario Rehabilitation Sciences Programs (ORPAS) and are handled online. The online application includes the submission of official transcripts and a personal submission. It is the applicant's responsibility to ensure that all parts of the application file are completed. It is recommended that applicants provide their referees with a stamped, addressed envelope to facilitate this process. The School of Physical Therapy will not contact applicants whose application files are incomplete.

Uwo thesis requirements

uwo thesis requirements


uwo thesis requirementsuwo thesis requirementsuwo thesis requirementsuwo thesis requirements