Thesis housing development

Perhaps the single best resource for rental listings in the Bay Area is  Craigslist . This non-profit community bulletin board offers many listings for rentals and shared housing throughout the Bay Ara. They also offer a free subscription service, customized to your specifications, which sends you new listings as they are posted. Craigslist also has listings for jobs, personals, community events, and just about anything else you can imagine. Other sites, like  RentLingo ,  Zillow  and  My New Place , have searchable listings for rentals.  Zillow  and  Estately  both list homes for sale in the area.

We have often mentioned that we have wanted to build a network of thinkers and practitioners who are interested in and/or working on innovative housing projects.  We feel such a network could help various housing innovators share learnings, develop best practices, and work together on mutual interests (for example, developing a legal architecture for tiny houses). Today, we begin the process of building that network by launching The Millennial Housing Lab Network  an email discussion list and online database of such thinkers and practitioners.  If you are interested in joining the network — either joining the email discussion list, being added to our online database, or helping out with one of our projects — please register here:
We hope to have you and your organization in the network. Please reach out to Pete@ with any questions.

Thesis housing development

thesis housing development


thesis housing developmentthesis housing developmentthesis housing developmentthesis housing development