The greatest wealth is health essay

As a team leader, the author will schedule meetings when everyone will attend. Besides that, author also will plan the dates of meetings and team member will be informed. The meetings will be held once a week. This is to reduce the risk of the team member not able to attend meetings. The attendance of team members is important especially while making the team decision. A mechanism also will develop to inform the meeting minutes and decisions especially for those team member that are unable to attend such as email, hard copy and so on. This is to make sure every team members has the chance in the consensus of making the decision for the team.

Investment Philosophy:
Soros has a unique ability to combine sweeping regional or global economic trends with highly detailed, leveraged strategies in both bonds and currencies . Soros operated as a short-term speculator and would typically make major bets on the ways in which financial markets would trend. His own belief is that financial markets tend to be chaotic and dependent upon the professional and amateur traders and others who buy and sell assets on those markets . Capitalizing on the human (emotional) capacity of market influencers to change the opinions and investment decisions of others is something that Soros long aimed to do. While he generally went along with investment trends, he was always on the lookout for ways to stand out from the crowd, and these tended to be his biggest paydays. Nonetheless, he reportedly trusted his own instinctive reaction when it came to buying and selling, making his strategy a difficult model to emulate .

The greatest wealth is health essay

the greatest wealth is health essay


the greatest wealth is health essaythe greatest wealth is health essaythe greatest wealth is health essaythe greatest wealth is health essay