The assassination of richard nixon essay

Initially, Lincoln's features were calm and his breathing slow and steady. Later one of his eyes became swollen and the right side of his face discolored. [63] Maunsell Bradhurst Field wrote in a letter to The New York Times that the President then started "breathing regularly, but with effort, and did not seem to be struggling or suffering.". [64] [65] As he neared death, Lincoln's appearance became "perfectly natural" [64] (except for the discoloration around his eyes). [66] Shortly before 7   . Mary was allowed to return to Lincoln's side, [67] and, as Dixon reported, "she again seated herself by the President, kissing him and calling him every endearing name." [68]

According to the Warren Commission, a second shot that struck the President was recorded at Zapruder film frame 313. The Commission made no conclusion as to whether this was the second or third bullet fired. The presidential limousine then passed in front of the John Neely Bryan north pergola concrete structure. The two investigative committees concluded that the second shot to hit the president entered the rear of his head (the House Select Committee placed the entry wound four inches higher than the Warren Commission placed it) and passed in fragments through his skull; this created a large, "roughly ovular" [sic] hole on the rear, right side. The president's blood and fragments of his scalp, brain, and skull landed on the interior of the car, the inner and outer surfaces of the front glass windshield and raised sun visors, as well as on the front engine hood and the rear trunk lid. His blood and fragments also landed on the follow-up Secret Service car and its driver's left arm, as well on the motorcycle officers who were riding on both sides of the President just behind his vehicle. [40] [41]

The assassination of richard nixon essay

the assassination of richard nixon essay


the assassination of richard nixon essaythe assassination of richard nixon essaythe assassination of richard nixon essaythe assassination of richard nixon essay