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37. Is the church budget available for viewing? Is a credit card made available to staff for church use?
38. Is there, at this time, a suggested salary/benefits package?
39. Is there a written letter of agreement stating the full compensation package?
40. How is Social Security deducted? If the church pays SS, is that amount added to the taxable salary?
41. Does the church match staff retirement contributions? If so, what percentage?
42. Are there other benefits?
43. How many vacation days?
43. Is staff encouraged to take a day off regularly? Are there specific or varied office hours?
44. Are there professional development funds available in the music budget?
45. If so, how many workshops may staff members attend?
46. What is the policy for this position regarding revivals, funerals, and weddings?

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Style thesis widgets

style thesis widgets


style thesis widgetsstyle thesis widgetsstyle thesis widgetsstyle thesis widgets