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STATA is an integrated statistical software that provides for the needs of data analysis data management and graphics. Stata has many distinct features like treatment features, multilevel GLM, power and sample size, generalized SCM, focusing, effect sizes, project manager, long strings and BLOBs. The use of Stata as your choice of integrated statistical software package has several advantages. It is fast and easy to use with a wide selection of statistical features. It has complete data management facilities giving the user ultimate control over all data types. It has high-quality graphics while being equally responsive and extensible. It is widely used and affordable. The bounds of Stata capabilities include a wide spectrum of statistical analysis, data management, graphics and simulations and custom programming. Each version of Stata is released with four builds.

Stata/MP: for multiprocessor computers. (The fastest version of Stata)
Stata/SE: for large data sets
Stata/IC: the standard version; for moderate data sets.
Small Stata: for small data sets (for educational purchase only)

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Stata homework help

stata homework help


stata homework helpstata homework helpstata homework helpstata homework help