Psychology and dreams essay

Collecting dream reports and comparing them with waking thought reports from the same people would be an excellent topic to choose as part of a research project or final year thesis/dissertation. In the lecture mentioned above, Professor Domhoff highlights this as a potentially enlightening but as yet uncharted area of investigation Not only would research of this kind be able to test the hypothesis that dream content may not be as bizarre as we think, but it would also allow researchers to explore the converse possibility that waking thought is more bizarre than we care to admit.

" In physics force is usually measured by its effects, and in psychology we may some day be able to measure sensation by determining the movement accompanying a given sensation. But the cause is no less constant than the effect, and we may with scientific accuracy specify and measure sensation by the physical stimulus causing the corresponding cerebral commotion. The relation subsisting between the sensation and the physical stimulus has, therefore, been the subject of much experiment and discussion. An especially large share of attention has been given to studying the way in which the intensity of the sensation varies with the intensity of the corresponding stimulus ".

We think the changing nature of the themes in dreams about deceased loved ones is especially significant in terms of our claim that the repetition dimension reveals the way in which dreams express emotional preoccupation. Not only do dreams of deceased loved ones show that many different individuals "repeat" the same type of dream in reaction to the loss of a loved one, but the changes in the content of these dreams seem to reveal the underlying psychological processes following from the loss. We are a long way from saying the dreams themselves "resolve" grief, but the bereavement dreams reported by Barrett do seem to reflect where the dreamers are in the grieving process.

Psychology and dreams essay

psychology and dreams essay


psychology and dreams essaypsychology and dreams essaypsychology and dreams essaypsychology and dreams essay