Lab report format physics

Our results support the original hypothesis for 5 circles ranging in size from 2 cm to 7 cm in diameter. The C/D ratio for our objects is essentially constant ( ± ) and equal to pi. The specified uncertainty is the standard error of the C/D ratio for the five objects. Graphical analysis also supports the “directly proportional” hypothesis. The line has an intercept (- ± ) that is equal to zero within the uncertainty and a slope ( ± ) equal to pi . The larger uncertainty from the graphical analysis suggests that the random measurement errors may be larger than estimated in the numerical analysis. A more extensive investigation of this C/D relationship over a wider range of circle sizes should be performed to verify that this ratio is indeed constant for all circles.

Data Table for a Dihybrid Cross

Observed Outcome Expected Outcome Phenotype Count   Calculation Expected Purple Round     315   (9/16)(556) Purple Wrinkled 108   (3/16)(556) Yellow Round  101   (3/16)(556) Yellow Wrinkled 32   (1/16)(556) Total 556    

Lab report format physics

lab report format physics


lab report format physicslab report format physicslab report format physicslab report format physics