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a). A short introduction (around 15-20 words) is good for GS papers 2,3 and 4. It does not have to be mind-blowing. However try to start with recent current affairs or a relevant piece of data or a quote. Or simply give the context of that question, its importance in today’s times etc. You can also state in you introduction as to which dimensions of the issue/question you will address in your answer. Conclusion is not must for GS paper 1, but should be given for GS papers 2,3 and 4(around 15 words). In conclusion you can pose a question or give a suggestion or state the importance of the issue at hand. Do not waste too much time in trying to come up with a mind-blowing introduction or conclusion.

If you are in a relationship, consider having a discussion with your partner. Especially if your partner is not camping with you at Burning Man! "Do you mind if I make out with strangers? Friends? People of the same gender? People of other genders? Only on droogz? Only sober? Can I participate in group masturbation with people of the same gender? Would you rather I didn't ask you these questions, because you trust me to have fun as long as I play safe? Would you rather I have no physical contact the entire week in the desert, save for discreet sunblock application by trusted third parties?"

I-search essay

i-search essay


i-search essayi-search essayi-search essayi-search essay