Essay on rti in hindi

            It is natural that Jai Parkas Marian is no passionately remembered who was rightly regarded as the patron saint of India it he post-emergency days.  In the concept of hi total Revolution he had envisaged an India free from corrupting and all other evils associated with it, among other things.  His birch anniversary on 11th October almost passed unnoticed  he was great crusader and social reformer, next to Mahatma Gandhi who wanted public to participate in governance and administration at all levels so as to make democracy a real experience, exercise and meaningful in its truest sense.  He had been instrumental in the installation of the janta party in power but its failures to fulfill the aspirations of the people soon disillusioned him.

I think tora, rti and citizens charter are not compared with sufficient elucidation. Tora is about transparency in regulation or what is expected of individual citizens. Citizen charter is what is expected from the state for all the taxes we pay, or transparency for improving accountability of state. Third rti is about providing information of functioning of executive, whether what it promises (right to punlic services)(not a right just as dpsp are not enforceable) or whether what it expects (regulatory requirements, rules etc.)( mandatory because this is how state are, social justice etc.). In this way both tora and citizens charter are two opposite facets of rti.

Essay on rti in hindi

essay on rti in hindi


essay on rti in hindiessay on rti in hindiessay on rti in hindiessay on rti in hindi