Essay about chinese new year

If one wants to find a word containing the element jī that means “opportunity” (., a favorable juncture of circumstances, or a good chance for advancement), one needs to look elsewhere than wēijī , which means precisely “crisis” (viz., a dangerous, critical moment). One might choose, for instance, zhuǎnjī (“turn” + “incipient moment” = “favorable turn; turn for the better”), liángjī (“excellent” + “incipient moment” = “opportunity” [!!]), or hǎo shíjī (“good” + “time” + “incipient moment” = “favorable opportunity”).

I believe that Fanya is not a typical case of financial mismanagement, but rather that the government and state-owned banks are heavily implicated as well. Now, according to public announcements in late March and early April, authorities say Fanya engaged in illegal fundraising. But it seems that no one is going to hold the state-owned banks accountable for the role they played. And when we protest and try to fight for our own rights, the government would rather spend money — our taxpayer money — hunting us down than on finding out why we can’t get our money back. I am furious, and also disappointed with my own country.

Essay about chinese new year

essay about chinese new year


essay about chinese new yearessay about chinese new yearessay about chinese new yearessay about chinese new year