Dpt application essay

The COM is committed to delivering high-quality academic programming to ensure the academic and professional success of its students. Assessment and evaluation are crucial steps in the educational process that are carefully aligned with student learning objectives and instructional activities. Formative and summative assessment methods vary in format – ., standardized licensing examinations, written tests (MCQ, SAQ, essay), performance assessments (OSCE, in-training assessments), focused assignments (case reports, projects, self-reflection) and portfolios, among others. Student assessment results are incorporated into the COM planning process on a regular basis to support continual improvement in programs and services to students.

I aspire to start my career as a traveling Physical Therapist. I want to be able to work with people of all walks of life to help me become a more well-rounded therapist and to help me become more culturally competent. Once I am done with my travels, I hope to be able to work with patients who have neurologic diseases and disorders and the pediatric population as well. I also aspire to earn a Neurologic Specialist Certification and this dream would not be possible without my graduate degree from UM-Flint. During my education here at UM-Flint, I have learned that I love Neurology. It excites me to work with complicated patients who have deficits such as traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord injuries. I really want to be able to help this population and the training I am receiving here at UM-Flint will help me achieve my goal.

Dpt application essay

dpt application essay


dpt application essaydpt application essaydpt application essaydpt application essay