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And while impending, certain death does offer clarity, our modern secular society has not equipped most people with a foundation for meaningful reflection. In a Catholic state, even the meanest of men was submerged in the faith. The modern man is submerged in secularism, narcissism and nihilism, his mind is numbed by a constant onslaught of the senses and pleasure, and much of the Christian society is a heretical Christian society. Considering the state of modern man, modern society and the modern state, we need as much time as possible with the condemned if we hope to bring them to true contrition and absolution.

This is perhaps one of Shakespeare's more interesting plays, if you will. In comparison to Macbeth it isn't quite the walk in the park.
I think conceptually it enables the reader to see that characters can influence characters to such a degree that the original traits are masked and changed. Tragedy in this play is definitely a main component - and a great emphasis that perhaps the villain doesn't always find their true defeat. In a way, wasn't the "villain" successful? He lied to everyone and pretty much killed whomever got in his way.

“Why don’t Americans eat carp?” This is a reference to imported Asian carp that escaped their enclosures and have proliferated across the United States, threatening local ecosystems and fisheries. Several of the invasive species feature regularly on Chinese dinner tables, prompting Baidu autocomplete to ask why Americans don’t just eat the damn things. Chinese web users speculate on what peculiarities of the . diet prevent Americans from embracing the fish, with proposed reasons ranging from the bony fish being better-suited to chopsticks than knives and forks, to Americans’ presumed preference for culinary styles “like KFC”.  One author observes  cheekily: “If Chinese people discovered a place where wild fish grew this large – and the water wasn’t even polluted – then after three days there wouldn’t even be ten scrawny ones left.”

Bizarre essay topic

bizarre essay topic


bizarre essay topicbizarre essay topicbizarre essay topicbizarre essay topic