Basic essay rules

_pezuta_ [pxeju'ta] (to-be-medicine)
_wakanyeza_ [wakxa'Nyeja] (to-be-a kid/child)
_tona_ [to'naN] is a so-called 'T-word' (question word) and of the same type as seen above, . a complete one-
word sentence with the meaning "to-be-how-many" (. _(hena) tona pi hwo/he?_ - "They're how many?"
_yuha_ (s/he it has him/her/it), . _bluha_ , _luha_ , ... _unyuha_ , _unyuha pi_ , _luha pi_ , _yuha pi_ .
_e_ (s/he, it is the one), . _miye_ , _niye_ , ... _unkiye_ , _unkiye pi_ , _niye pi_ , _e pi_ .
_sunkawakan_ [shu'n-ka-wa-kxa'N] (it-is-a-horse, lit. 'mystery/power dog'),
_oyuspA_ (to catch/arrest), . _obluspe_ , _oluspe_ , ... _unkoyuspa pi_ , _oluspa pi_ , _(hena) oyuspa pi_ .

This type of essay has the aim of describing a definite process through a series of steps or stags. The procedure is ordinarily described inside out.  The title of a process essay needs to be informative and tell the reader what kind of process will be analyzed in it. It is also vital to make the accent on the most important fixed steps of the process.
Therefore the major intention of such work is to descried one particular process in such a manner that will leave no questions to the reader. In order to make a good process essay the author should provide basic process background information.

Basic essay rules

basic essay rules


basic essay rulesbasic essay rulesbasic essay rulesbasic essay rules